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We meet clients wherever they are on their paths to change and partner with them to create lasting value. Change is inevitable.



Sharpened by years of experience in relating with different partners either entrepreneurs, investment funds, non-profits, academia & research and policy makers.



We believe that success and failure, just like evolution, are determined not by preconceived theories but by adaptability.



Entrepreneurship is about embracing the struggle. We support these dreamers in their business building journey.



We always first seek to understand your perspective.



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8 of active countries supported (insert Africa map with shading of these countries - Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Burundi, Somaliland and Zimbabwe)

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Myok is a small permanent river that is a lifeline to thousands of farmers in the dry and unpredictable Laikipia plateau that faces Mt. Kenya. In line with the spirit of that river, Yok Consulting is a regional business solutions provider to organizations, ecosystems and enterprises by facilitating capital access, strategy support & operational efficiency.